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Registration in the ServiceFramework provides a means to track service-based activity within an enterprise. As more enterprises move towards a SOA based architecture, tracking information becomes essential for both planning and monitoring

In simple terms, the ServiceFramework intercepts messages as they are processed through the WCF stack. Before a client sends a message to a service, it is enriched by the ServiceFramework with information identifying the client. When the service recieves the message, the information is extracted from the message. This allows the service to know which client is making the call.


Registration in the ServiceFramework is relatively simple. Clients consuming a service pass information in the wcf headers. Services can be set to only accept messages for known clients.

The intention is to both record the activity of the services so that the clients calling the services can be determined. When multiple versions of a service need to be supported simultaneously, the ability to determine what versions of a service are being called and by whom is particularly useful.

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