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The ServiceFramework can be used to record the activity of the clients and services in the enterprise in a consistent manner. It is important to note that the logging is performed based on the service activity, and besides configuration of the client and/or services, does not require additional code within the solution. This helps to not pollute code with steps that are not relevant to the core problem trying to be solved. In practice, this can range from auditing to simple logging depending on specific requirements. The ServiceFramework could be combined with logging tools such as Log4Net and the Enterprise Logging Logging Application Block.


The Microsoft Diagnostics library is used to publish trace messages that can be written to any listener extended the base TraceListener class including listeners defined in the core library, the Microsoft Enterprise Library, and custom trace listeners. The ServiceFramework includes an AuditTraceListener that writes trace messages to a database. These messages can then be the basis for reporting and activity monitoring.

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