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In large-scale application development, IT Governance, in particular Enterprise Architecture, is challenged with common requirements that are best managed with an enterprise wide approach. Without consistency, attempts to address the requirements often fail. The ServiceFramework project consists of guidance and libraries to be used to address some of these requirements for medium to large environments consisting primarily of solutions built using the Microsoft technology stack.

The framework is built using Windows Communication Foundation, the framework uses the current activity of services to provide architects with accurate information of the IT landscape. Often in software development, architects are impeded by outdated and inaccurate documentation.

The framework has been designed to address the following:

  • Provide a mechanism for identifying the services and clients in the enterprise
  • Provide a mechanism for tracking the behavior of the services and clients in the enterprise
  • Provide the ability to audit business process by linking tracked messages in the enterprise

The framework has the following key features:

  • Can be applied to current WCF clients and services without requiring a rebuild of the existing solution
  • Designed to require minimal knowledge of the inner-working of the framework in order to reduce maintenance and implementation costs
  • Can be easily extended to meet specific business requirements

For larger environments it is recommended that enterprises look to invest in commercial packages like HP's Application Governance or SOA Software. These packages provide a more complete approach to IT Governance.

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